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February 5, 2015Missouri Press Legislative Update, Feb. 5

Missouri Press Legislative Update, Feb. 5

Missouri Press staff has been reading and reviewing the nearly 1,300 bills that have been filed in the General Assembly. So far, 864 bills have been filed in the House and 416 bills in the Senate.

One bill of concern, HB 537, has been filed by Rep. Dean Dohrman, R-LaMonte (Pettis County). The bill would virtually shut down public information in the county assessor's office. The bill has been assigned to the House Emerging Issues Committee.

Themes of note for this year's bills: Requiring police to wear video cameras; ethics reforms that affect legislators and lobbyists; proposed expungements of criminal records; setting campaign contribution limits; eliminating non-judicial property foreclosures and replacing them with judicial foreclosures, deleting public foreclosure notices in newspapers.

A Shield Law bill for news reporters has been filed this week by Rep. Joe Don McGaugh: HB 858.

Missouri Press representatives have been meeting with the Missouri Police Chiefs Association executive director in an effort to draft language on the topic of access to police body cameras video.

The Missouri General Assembly convened in Jefferson City on January 7. The 2015 session is scheduled to end at ... continued

September 11, 20142014 MPA Roundup

2014 MPA Legislative Roundup
May 22, 2014  (updated Sept. 11, 2014)

The Missouri General Assembly's veto session in Jefferson City was held Sept. 10, ending in the early hours of Sept. 11.

Two bills of interest to Missouri Press Association will become law in 30 days after Senate and House members voted to override Governor Jay Nixon's vetoes.  The bills are Senate Bill 593, a bill that will allow "non-election elections" in cities, towns and villages of fewer than 1,000 population, and Senate Bill 656, a bill allowing school protection officers to carry firearms in schools.

Here is information about those two bills, followed by a roundup of MPA legislative information from the 2014 regular session.

Senate Bill 593, sponsored by Sen. David Sater (R-Cassville). Senate Bill 593 modifies provisions relating to nonpartisan elections.  The bill states that in a nonpartisan election in cities, towns and villages of fewer than 1,000 inhabitants, no election will take place if the number of seats available equals the number of candidates who filed for the office.  The bill may be implemented by an ordinance, which allows the jurisdiction to except from holding these elections for six years from the ... continued

November 30, 2012Capitol Reports, November 30, 2012

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Headline:  A note from Phill [Entered: 11/30/2012]


Just a heads up that next week will be our last MPANews for the year. The week of Dec. 10, my reporters are in finals and will be heading back home as the week progresses. So I'm not sure how much news we will generate. It tends to be a slow period in the statehouse anyway. We'll have news that week. And, if you need another column from me, let me know. Otherwise, we'll be back the week of Jan. 7, 2013 when the legislative session begins.

I wanted to pass along a reminder that you're welcome to use as much of this report, any of our stories or any other information on MDN as you want without further permission.

But please remember that the students who produce the report use some of these stories in their portfolios. If you use the stories, be sure to include the students' bylines. It really means a lot to them. They're a really dedicated group in trying to help MPA newspapers as best they can. Feedback and bylines boost their morale tremendously.

The students' contact information is included in case ... continued

November 16, 2012Capitol Reports, November 16, 2012

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Headline:  A Thanksgiving note from Phill [Entered: 11/16/2012]


A heads-up about our schedule for the remainder of 2012. We will be off next week for Thanksgiving break, so there will be no MPANews that week.  

I'll post material on MDN.ORG if a major story breaks, but traditionally Thanksgiving is a pretty dead week in the statehouse.  

The following week, the first week of December, likely will be a heavy news week. It's the start of pre-filing of legislation for the 2013 session.  

MPANews will finish the year on December 14. All my student reporters will be gone (I too will be off a bit during the Christmas and New Year holidays).  

The legislature convenes Wednesday, January 9. We'll resume that week. A couple of my reporters are so dedicated that they've volunteered to help staff our coverage until the school semester begins.  

Finally, I apologize for the delay in getting last week's issue of MPANews emailed to you. It was a consequence of miscommunication (which I promise will not happen again). ... continued


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Thursday March 26th

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MPA wishes the happiest of birthdays to Kristie Williams, our Membership Services Director! Thanks for your work! http://t.co/F6YTdu99yW
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