Missouri Newspaper Directory

Now you can search Missouri’s newspapers online. Select the city or county you want and click search. Click on the newspaper’s name for information on that newspaper, including a link to its website. For more detailed information on each newspaper, purchase the Missouri Newspaper Directory by calling 800-568-1927 or from our store. Or sign up for our premium edition of the online newspaper search. For only $40 you will have instant access to all the information in the printed directory.

When you’re ready to advertise, remember we can help you with any number or combination of newspapers you want. Click on Advertising Placement to learn about our One Stop Ad Placement. Click on a link to learn about the Classified Ad Network, Display Ad Network, Online Advertising Network, Press Releases and column distribution. Missouri Press makes it easier for you to reach customers across county lines and even across state lines.

Email mopressads@socket.net or call (573) 449-4167 with any questions or concerns.

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