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Missouri Press Foundation helps our newspapers reach young readers by providing in-paper youth content. Through grants and partnerships with a variety of state organizations and agencies, we have provided educational youth features on topics such as Missouri’s rivers, economics, environment, geology, state parks and historic sites, energy, government and history. Below are features currently available. For information and dates on upcoming features, please refer to the MPA NIE Calendar.


MAP Moments – series of 33 small features available to publish each week providing elementary and secondary activities tied to state mandates and standardized tests. Click HERE to access the features using CODE: mapmo33.

Using the Newspaper to Meet Grade Level Expectations in Communication Arts – series of 14 features incorporating newspaper activities into the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s charts for teaching Grade Level Expectations at all grade levels in reading. Click HERE to access the features using CODE: readgle13.

Using the Newspaper to Meet Grade Level Expectations in Math – series of 13 features incorporating newspaper activities into the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s charts for teaching Grade Level Expectations at all grade levels in numbers and operations. Click HERE to access the features using CODE:gle14math.


Career Education – What’s Your Plan? Series
The seven-part series features six Career Paths to help students explore their interests, target career areas and plan their future. Below are some suggestions for possible business sponsorships newspapers might want to pursue for each of the Career Paths:

Health Career Path – hospitals, clinics, doctors and nursing schools

Agriculture Career Path – grocery stores, veterinarians and feed stores

Human Services Career Path – restaurants, education institutions, personal care services, attorneys, and counseling

Arts & Communication Career Path – newspaper house ad, broadcast stations, visual/performing arts entities and athletics

Business Management & Technology Career Path – accountants, computer services, banks and local businesses

Industrial & Engineering Technology Career Path – engineering companies, auto repair and research facilities.

Click HERE to download the features using CODE: 7careers

College Road Map Series

This four-part series explores the journey of preparation from middle school to college. The first in the series is a senior year calendar checklist. The second feature presents things to consider in choosing the right college. The third feature addresses preparation throughout high school, and the final feature looks at beginning college planning in middle school. Click HERE to download the features using CODE: collegemap


Handbook on Citizenship
A six-part series that address: Who is a United States Citizen, Rights, Rights and More Rights, Another Side of Citizenship: Privileges and Responsibilities, Uncle Sam Needs You, Voting – The Ultimate Right, and What Every Citizen Should Know. Each feature includes information as well as classroom activities all correlated to Missouri’s learning standards. Click HERE to download the feature using CODE: handbook10

Law Day Feature
Each year we commemorate Law Day on May 1, but do young readers know why? This quarter page feature, created in partnership with The Missouri Bar gives background on Law Day, created in 1958, and provides activities for further learning. Click HERE to download the feature using CODE: lawday1

Vote Missouri Series

Educate your readers, young and old, on the importance of voting in Missouri with this series from MPA and The Missouri Bar. “Vote Missouri” offers features that teach readers the history, requirement and duties of elected offices and voting. Click HERE to download the features appropriate for the current election use CODE: votemo

Constitution Day Features
Schools must teach about the Constitution on or around Sept. 17, Constitution Day each year. Missouri Press, in partnership with The Missouri Bar, has created several newspaper features teaching about the Constitution. This year’s feature is about the Fair Housing Act of 1968.  Click HERE to download the feature using the CODE: fairhousing.

Also available are two full pages, one teaching about our founding document (that can stand alone) and a second page filled with classroom activities for all grades; a quiz feature and companion answer feature, half-page “Celebrating Our Constitution” feature: and a quarter-page “Happy Birthday to Our Constitution” feature. Click HERE to download the features using the CODE: constitution

Celebrate Bill of Rights

Since the ratification of the Bill of Rights December 15, 1789, many lawyers, historians and political scientists have opined that the Bill of Rights is more important than the original Constitution. MPA and The Missouri Bar created two features to present various ways that teachers can demonstrate to their students how the Bill of Rights is a living document. Click HERE to download both the half-page feature and a quarter-page format.  CODE: rights

Judges: Umpires of the Law
Judges are often called umpires of the law, because just like baseball umpire make sure a ball game is fair for all players, judges make sure their courtroom is fair for everyone who comes seeking justice. This three-part educational series from The Missouri Bar and MPA explores the judicial branch of government addressing: What is the Rule of Law?; Living by the Rule of Law; and Choosing Umpires of the Law. Click HERE to download Judges: Umpires of the Law. CODE: judges

High School Civics Series
The Supreme Court of the United States has weighed in on the lives of high school students several times over the past 50 years. Another partnership of The Missouri Bar and MPA, this four part series is based on landmark Supreme Court cases that have greatly impacted high schools throughout the nation. Each feature contains background, the ruling and activities to use with high school students. Click HERE to download the series using CODE: courts4


My Wonderful World Series
Created in partnership with Missouri Geographic Alliance, this four-part series offers a look at the importance geography plays in our lives. Includes an introductory feature What is Geography; 10 Cool things about Geography; a family-friendly geography quiz; and a feature filled with geography activities for family fun. Click HERE to download the features using CODE: geography06

Historic Cultures Series
This three-part series of newspaper features, “The People of Our Place,”  focus on historical cultures — the Missouri French, Scots-Irish and German. These Newspaper In Education features include information and activities. Click HERE to download using CODE: people

Geography Habitats Series
Two quarter-page features, “Home Sweet Home” highlight Missouri’s prairie and river habitats. Classroom activities are included. Click HERE to download the features using CODE: habitats


Great American Lives of 19th Century Missourians Series
These features highlight the lives of 10 famous Missourians. The content for this series was donated by the Joplin Globe. These can be used any time or on/around “Missouri Day,” the third Wednesday in October. Click HERE to download using CODE: lives.

Louisiana Purchase Series
In 1803, the Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States and created a country of diverse cultures, new citizens and vast natural resources. This series of four features includes a look at the Purchase’s effect on Native American life and culture; French and Spanish settlement and culture; family life in the Louisiana Territory; and a general history of the Louisiana Purchase. Click HERE to download using Code: purchase.

Was the Louisiana Purchase Legal?
When President Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase, nothing in the constitution specifically gave him that power. Was the Purchase Extra-Constitutional? This feature, created in partnership with The Missouri Bar, looks at the legalities of the Purchase. It can be published at any time and works well as a fifth part to the Louisiana Purchase Series. Click HERE to download using CODE: purchase

Lewis and Clark’s Missouri
In partnership with the Missouri Historical Society, MPA created an 8-part educational series on Lewis and Clark’s adventures in Missouri. A teacher guide also is available. Click HERE to download the series using CODE: lcmissouri

Lewis and Clark’s: Exploring Another America
Created in partnership with the Missouri Historical Society in celebration of the bicentennial of the Explorer’s famous journey west, this 16-page tabloid covers diplomacy and politics; the role of women; mapping the landscape; animals; warriors and soldiers; language; trade and property; curing and plants. Each theme addresses both the Euro-American and the American Indian perspectives with emphasis on specific tribes. The center pages feature a color map of the journey identifying Indian tribes encountered along the trail. Download the tabloid using CODE: lctab


Celebrate Famous Missouri Journalists
Missouri Press Foundation created a series on Famous Missouri Journalists available for newspapers to use at any time. This series focuses on six contributions to Missouri journalism – Eugene Field, Mark Twain, Joseph Charles, William Switzler, the four generations of Joseph Pulitzers and the Missouri Press Association. Also available is a promotional ad and teaching activities correlated to Missouri’s learning standards. Click HERE to download the features using the CODE: mojournalists

Political Cartoons
Columbia Daily Tribune’s John Darkow generously donates a Newspaper In Education themed political cartoon to Missouri Press Foundation each year. Click HERE to download available cartoons using the CODE: mocartoon

Newspaper In Education Editorials
Looking for an editorial on the value of Newspaper In Education? These three guest editorials provide insightful text newspapers can publish or use as inspiration for their own efforts. Click HERE to download using CODE: nieops


What’s Growin’ On in Missouri
Agriculture is important to Missouri, and Missouri makes a significant contribution to feeding our nation and world. “What’s Growin’ On in Missouri” is available as an 8-part in-paper series or as a 16-page tabloid.
Click HERE to download these features using CODE: growmo


Tips for Parents:
Setting the Foundation for Student Achievement Series

Use one or all of this six-part series to help parents help their children succeed in school. Created by Missouri State Teachers Association, topics for the quarter-page features include: Easing Back to School Jitters; Parent-teacher conferences, Helping the child together; Helping them hone math and science skills; After School: What parents should know; Checklist for helping your child with homework; and Family Involvement: A key to student success. Click HERE to download to download PSA, color and black and white features and Spanish versions using CODE: achieve

Read the Newspaper with your Kids!

This half-page feature promotes the value of reading the newspaper with children. Written by Jim Trelease, a best-selling author and speaker, the feature’s message is the valuable foundation Trelease’s father laid for him as they read the newspaper together. This feature can be used at any time. Click HERE to download using CODE: reading2

Dr. Seuss Feature
This feature commemorates Read Across America, a nationwide celebration of reading held each March. Newspaper activities tie to Dr. Suess books. Click HERE to download the feature using CODE: read1

Newsbee’s Tips for Reading Together
Dozens of tips for sharing reading with children are compiled into this half-page feature from the Washington Missourian, creator of the Book Buzz column. Click HERE to download using CODE: tips07


Critical Thinking Through Core Curriculum: Using Print and Digital Newspapers
An elementary and secondary resources on financial literacy, nutrition, environment, character education and information technology. This guide includes correlations to Missouri’s learning standards. Click HERE to download the guide using CODE: niewk10.

MAP Moments

Missouri Press Foundation offers a 33-part series designed to help teachers reach mandated goals within the Missouri Assessment Program. “MAP Moments” provides elementary and secondary activities using the newspaper to help reach state tested Grade Level Expectations.
To download this free series, visit and use download code: mapmo33.

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