It is no "Twist of Fate", Young readers love new NIE story!

November 23, 2007

What young readers are saying about "Twist of Fate," a new serialized story from Missouri Press:My favorite character is Bazonka Donk. I love him because after the help he had legs as pretty as the late Betty Gradle's.Sincerely, Aspen My class loves reading "Twist of Fate!"  This story is very fascinating. I think you should make a book about this.Sincerely, Hannah   My favorite characters are Clueless Too and D.D. I like Clueless Too a lot because he was one of the first horses to be rescued from the accident. D.D. is funny because she thinks she is a lap dog. I like the color of her coat that looks like a brownie sprinkled with powder sugar.Sincerely, Bryanna I love reading "Twist of Fate!" I can't wait to read the next chapter! I love animals so I am interested in this story. The newspaper is fun to read.Sincerely, Blake I love Twister he is my favorite. He is so cute because he's just a little young horse. I love it when he tells the story. He has such a great personality. He has a great sense of humor.Sincerely, Katelyn My favorite character is Twister. I like him because he tells the story, he has that mark on his forehead and he is a miracle colt. Thank you for telling such a great story.Sincerely, John I like reading "Twist of Fate..."  Its also a lot better than reading a textbook. My favorite horse is Stan the thoroughbred. He looks like a really good racing horse. I wonder how he gets his stall door unlocked. I wish I could do that with the school door! I'm glad you're writing the story.Sincerely, Isaac I love reading "Twist of Fate!" We can't wait to read the chapter each week. Most students in my class love... continued...

Something New, yet different from MPF

October 5, 2007

A New “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth” Serial from Missouri Press Missouri Press Foundation has released a new serialized story – one that’s a little different from our catalog of historical fiction stories – but continues our tradition of quality, short, camera-ready Newspaper In Education features affordable even for the smallest community newspapers.“Twist of Fate” is an 8-chapter serial available in color and black and white. Also available is a teacher guide with companion activities for students in elementary grades. A year ago, a tragic accident occurred outside St. Louis involving a tractor-trailer carrying a load of horses to a meat-packing plant in Illinois. The truck flipped over, trapping and killing many of the horses.Twenty-four of the horses and one hinny were saved and taken to Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, a large-animal facility operated by the Humane Society of Missouri.Onboard the truck was a pregnant mare, Mama, who survived and delivered a healthy colt in April 2007. A contest was held to name the colt, and the story of Twist of Fate’s miracle birth was picked up by newspapers nationwide.Now children everywhere, and parents and grandparents too, can read a serial story about this amazing event. “Twist of Fate, the Miracle Colt and His Friends,” is an 8-chapter story told straight from the horse’s mouth.Readers will meet Twist of Fate and Mama, and then be introduced to other horses and a hinny involved in the accident. This... continued...

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