FLASH NEWS! Press Release service

The Missouri Press Flash News! Press Release Service is the perfect way to send your news instantly to virtually ALL newspapers, radio and television stations in Missouri. Businesses, individuals and organizations of all kinds use Flash News! to promote their events and developments.


It's fast!

It's cheap!

It's easy!


It gets the job done, now!


  • Send your news release to ALL newspapers
    (approx. 280) for $ 125.
  • Send your news release to Radio and TV only
    (approx. 120) for $ 99.
  • Statewide, ALL MEDIA distribution is $ 165.
  • Post on our Blog and Facebook page for an additional $ 55.

Call to ask about frequent user specials.

Simply email your news release - as text or as an attachment - to Missouri Press editor Bryan Jones. Include your name and phone number and a billing address. Also, be sure your news release has the name and phone number of a person who can be contacted by the media outlets for more information or to verify the source.

You will be notified that your news has reached Missouri Press and you will receive a copy of release when it is delivered to the media.

Call Bryan at (573) 449-4167 if you need more information, or e-mail him at bejones@socket.net.

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Thursday April 30th

#tbt to our 2013 MPA Past Presidents and Spouses Dinner! Tonight is our annual dinner at the Columbia Country Club. We can't wait to see everyone there! Link

Thursday April 30th

"Still, the paper’s website — the Houston Herald’s motto is 'All the News, all the time' — features display ads users can click to go to websites for churches, a stockbroker, a Realtor, a college, a car dealer, a pharmacy and other businesses." — via Reynolds Journalism Institute Link

Thursday April 30th

Today is the last day to submit nominations for the MPA Newspaper Hall of Fame (http://bit.ly/1GfTIyf), Missouri Photojournalism Hall of Fame (http://bit. Link



#tbt to our 2013 MPA Past Presidents and Spouses Dinner! Tonight is our annual dinner at @TheCoMoClub http://t.co/FKvcZStghB
Thursday April 30th


"How to make money on digital: The answer is still elusive" — via @RJI and @potterconf http://t.co/YlNITw6n8g #potterlisten
Thursday April 30th


Deadline today: nominations for Newspaper Hall of Fame (http://t.co/r2TRVr6s2c) or Photojournalism Hall of Fame (http://t.co/lYLhOPpWVL)
Thursday April 30th


Show-Me Press Association will meet June 12 at Old Kinderhook in Camdenton. Take a look at the agenda for details! http://t.co/M11yhaUnum
Wednesday April 29th