Missouri Press Service selected for RJI's 2015-2016 institutional fellowship

May 15, 2015

Missouri Press Service selected for RJI's 2015-2016 institutional fellowship

 Every fall, the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute invites proposals from people and institutions to collaborate with RJI on innovative ideas and projects to improve the practice or understanding of journalism.

From exploring journalistic opportunities for wearable technology to helping smaller community newspapers provide digital services for advertisers, the ninth fellowship class of the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute continues RJI’s commitment to nurturing and strengthening journalism’s service to citizens and their communities.

 This year’s residential, nonresidential and institutional fellowships were chosen from among 225 applicants from around the world. The fellowship class also includes three faculty members from the University of Missouri.

Missouri Press Service has been selected as one of two institutional fellows. Staff of the Missouri Press Service will create and test revenue-generating digital services that smaller newspapers could provide to local merchants. The project leader is Mark Nienhueser, MPS advertising director.

A full list of fellows is listed on the Reynolds Journalism Institute website.


New Online AD Network

March 13, 2015

Missouri Press Service is very excited to offer a new Online AD Network, which launched March 1. The benefits to your paper are huge:             1.  Additional revenue streams            2.  Create additional credibility for your newspaper website            3.  Fill an online need            4.  Save time and money            5.  Offset decline in classifieds The first piece of this service will be a rectangle box, standard size on most websites. Our initial program will be a statewide network buy. The participating papers will be included in the bonus pool, just like the other statewide networks, and paid out every six months. We also will be offering individual newspaper online buys, based on the advertiser choosing the papers in which they would like to advertise.   Now for the best part! Once we place an advertising code on your newspaper website, we can do all the work for you. We create and format the ad size, place the ad on your site, and take the ad down when needed.    Missouri Press Service is getting requests from industries such as hospitals, gaming, trucking, employment, and many more. We would appreciate your support in our NEW Online AD Network. The statewide Online AD Network works like this:... continued...


Our Spooktacular Contest is Back!

August 13, 2014

Calling all sales reps! The Spooktacular contest is back, starting this August through October! This is a great opportunity for your sales representatives to earn extra money and compete for a grand prize of $500. The earlier you start, the more cash you can earn!

 Sell a Statewide Classified for $350 and your newspaper keeps $150 Sell a 2x2 for $1,200 and your newspaper keeps $600 Sell a 2x4 for $2,400 and your newspaper keeps $1,200 Sell a 1x2 Statewide Display for $599 and your newspaper keeps $249 Sell a MIghty MO Classified ad for $850 and your newspaper keeps $127.50 In addition MPS will pay the SALES REPS a $25 BONUS for EACH AD SOLD! Salesperson with the most ads sold will win the GRAND PRIZE of $500.

Click on the image to enlarge for details. Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at jplourde@socket.net or 573.449.4167.


Missouri Advertising Managers Annual Meeting Pictures

April 24, 2014

Thank you to everyone who came out last week for Missouri Advertising Managers Annual Meeting! We hope you enjoyed the meeting and we appreciate your participation! Click here for a slideshow of pictures from MAMA.


Missouri Press Service Madness

March 21, 2014


For the month of April, Missouri Press Service is offering an ad contest to Missouri newspapers.

Sell into any of our programs shown below and receive points for each ad sold in Missouri. After the last run  on April 27, MPS will add up your points and you will be paid $25 for each point.


Missouri Statewide Classifieds = 1 Point25 Word Classifieds- Sell a 25 word ad for $350Your newspaper keeps $150 and sends MPS $200

1x2 Statewide Classified - Sell 1x2 ad for $599Your Newspaper keeps $89.95 and sends MPS $509.05

2x2 / 2x4 Display Ad Network = 2 Points2x2 Full State - Sell a 2x2 ad for the full state at $1,200Your Newspaper keeps $600 and sends MPS $600

2x2 Half State - Sell a 2x2 ad for half the state at $700Your Newspaper keeps $350 and sends MPS $350

2x4 Full State- Sell a 2x4 ad for the full state at $2,400Your Newspaper keeps $1,200 and sends MPS $1,200

2x4 Half State- Sell a 2x4 ad for half the state at $1,400Your Newspaper keeps $700 and sends MPS $700

Mighty MO Classifieds = 3 PointsMighty MO- Sell a Mighty MO Classified at $850Your Newspaper keeps $127.50 and sends MPS $722.50




Online Store Feature

2015 MPA BOUND Newspaper Directory

An alphabetical resource guide to all of the newspapers in the state of Missouri. $45.00



Thursday August 27th

Police present personal safety course for local journalists via Kansas City Missouri Police Department Link

Tuesday August 25th

See D-Day veteran Morley Piper at convention! Veteran Morley Piper stormed the beaches at Normandy during the D-Day Invasion, beginning the liberation of Western Europe to end World War II. He was just 19 years old when he served as second lieutenant during the largest seaborne invasion in history. Link

Friday August 21st

wsj.com Link



The @kcpolice will provide FREE personal safety training for local media members on Saturday, August 29. http://t.co/AG3mYz2isf
Thursday August 27th


Sign up today and see WWII Veteran Morley Piper during the 149th Annual MPA Convention! http://t.co/6onOiO1vyh http://t.co/EBOQWfhnO8
Tuesday August 25th


Retailers cut back on newspaper circulars | http://t.co/sG091bPq9h via @WSJ
Friday August 21st


Sign up for the @russellviers workshop ONLY & bypass the convention registration fee & pay $75 per attendee! http://t.co/6onOiO1vyh
Thursday August 20th