Missouri Press Service Enhancing Its Statewide Classifieds by Adding 1x2 Display Ad Space

September 9, 2013

Missouri Press Service is enhancing its Statewide Classifieds program by adding a 1x2 display ad space in the bottom of the boxed Statewide Classifieds. The boxed Statewide Classifieds are sent each week to network participants as a PDF.


This new ad will be in the bottom of the Statewide Classifieds box. In effect, it is an ad inside an ad. Along with this, Statewide Classifieds has a new logo.

This upgrade will add revenue to the Statewide Classifieds "pot" that participating newspapers share, and it gives participating newspapers another product to sell for a bigger commission.

The new 1x2 box will not be sent to newspapers in the Statewide Classified network that run the Statewide Classifieds as text. If you are running the text only, but would like to start running the box, contact Jennifer Plourde at Missouri Press so you can share in this new revenue, jplourde@socket.net.

You also can email Jennifer if you are not participating in the Statewide Classifieds network and would like to sign up or if you need information about it.


Digital Footprint!

August 13, 2013

MPS Digital Footprint



March 23, 2011

Between the general elections of 2002 and 2010, newspapers significantly increased their perception as providing Missourians with the "most helpful" and "most believable" political advertising.During that period, Missouri voters who were surveyed said political advertising on television is much more "offensive" than ads in any other media.Those are some of the findings of post-election surveys commissioned by the Missouri Press Association (MPA) and conducted by Pulse Research, Inc., of Portland, Oregon. Surveys of Missourians who voted were conducted after the November elections in 2002, 2006 and 2010.

"The results of these surveys show that in spite of the volume of political advertising on television, radio and the internet, Missourians see newspapers as the best place to look when they want information to help them decide how to vote," said Doug Crews, executive director of MPA.While the "most helpful" perception of advertising in newspapers rose from 12 percent in 2002 to 21 percent in 2010, the same rating for television advertising went from 9 percent to 13.5 percent and for radio advertising from 0.5 percent to 3.8 percent."Most helpful" ratings for social media advertising were 1.3 percent in 2010 after not registering in the earlier surveys. Websites for candidates and issues actually fell on the "most helpful" question, from 15.5 percent in 2002 to 6 percent in 2010."Candidates and issue advocates would do well to take note of these findings," Crews said. "When people are looking for information to help them decide how to vote, they look to advertising in... continued...


Newspapers reach more voters than TV

September 16, 2010

Recent reports from Pulse Research, Inc. show that most people read their local community newspaper for information about local politicians and their campaigns (July 2010).  53% respondents said newspapers are their primary source compared to just 22.4% for television. Radio, the Internet and direct mail only received 12.2% combined!The most recent Media Audit report shows the cume audience “past year voted in local, state, national election” of the Columbia (MO) Daily Tribune nearly doubles that of the two local TV news stations (June 2009).  Add the 30 other newspapers, which have avid readers within the two TV news signals, and newspapers are clearly the distinct leader in reaching likely Mid-Missouri voters. Scarborough reports relating to The Kansas City Star have similar results (2009).  None of the four local network television stations in Kansas City come anywhere close to the reach of The Star - in PRIMETIME!  Kansascity.com is even 36% higher than the nearest local tv website, beating it by more than 100,000 adults.St. Louis?  Running a spot on every newscast on KSDK for an entire week would reach 676,800 (41%) of Missouri voters in the St. Louis DMA.  (How many Illinois voters do they reach?  Illinois voters who can't vote in Missouri.)  You'd reach TWICE THAT many Missouri voters running in the Post-Dispatch, Suburban Journals & STLtoday.com for a week (1,107,100 or 67%). Scarborough 2009.   And, don't forget the many community weekly, community daily, and niche newspapers that round out the metro- and non-metro areas of Missouri.  Our state has more than 300 newspapers. So the question remains, why do politicians and advocacy groups dump the... continued...


Pulse Survey speaks volumes about newspaper advertising

January 14, 2008

**Pulse Research Statewide Market Survey May 2007. When consumers need to make an informed choice for shopping, they rely on newspapers nearly 3 times more than the nearest media option (Newspapers 44.3%, TV 18.9%)  (Rural areas..aka weeklies – 48.9%, TV 17.2%)More than any other medium, when consumers want information on home products, hardware, grocery (45.8), electronics, furniture, real estate, new vehicles, what is on sale or local events (43.1), they turn to the newspaper. Overall, it is THE one source they rely on most for advertising. Not surprisingly, over half of all females polled showed they prefer newspapers for advertising.Grocers beware. Consumers by a wide margin (66%) depend on newspapers, or inserts, to do their shopping.What is on sale? Most Missouri consumers, (53%), check a newspaper, or an insert, to find out. That number jumps to 60% for females.Unlike some media, whose advertising message may be gone in 60-seconds, Newspaper has staying power. Over 1/3 of people who read a weekly newspaper, keep it around for a week or more (dailies tend to be kept for four days). On average a weekly reader will keep a paper for just over four days and the majority (62.6%) of papers are read by more than one person in the household.While facing at least 1,000 advertising impressions each day, isn’t it nice to know that newspaper readers are committed? Almost half (46.5%) admit they read the entire paper thoroughly. Plus, many read, and re-read, the paper giving advertisers multiple opportunities to impress. Just when you thought the news couldn’t get better, these people then pass the paper to their spouse, significant other, or child. Newspaper Advertising. It pays to be seen.Daily... continued...

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