NIE Calendar

NIE Calendar

2016-2017 Calendar

This calendar reflects the material Missouri Press will make available to our newspapers during the school year. Watch this website and Missouri Press News magazine for updates to this calendar. Features are available for download at using assigned codes.


Book Buzz & Novel Ideas – Book columns, one for children and one for adults, available monthly. (Download code: Buzz or Novel + first three letters of month + last two numbers of year, ex: buzzaug16, novelaug16)

STEM inside the Newspaper Teacher Guide – Newspaper-based classroom activities that teach the skills of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. (stemguide)

National Parks Centennial – Aug. 25 is the 100th anniversary of the National Park System.


International Literacy Day – Sept. 8 — NEW! MPA will create a half-page feature to promote reading. (literacyday)

Constitution Day – Celebrate Constitution Day (Sept. 17) with one of five features:
Constitution IQ Quiz/answer key, 1/4-page, 4-column, half-page (2), full-page. (constitution)

Vote Missouri – Election series on the history of voting in Missouri and its elected offices. Series includes features on: Voting in Missouri, Auditor, Representative, Senator, Attorney General, Electoral College, Governor, Lt. Governor, Redistricting, Secretary of State, Treasurer. (votemo)

Voting Rights Act of 1965 – On Aug. 6, 1965, President Johnson signed this law outlawing discriminatory voting practices. Commemorate this hard-earned civil rights legislation with this feature. (Vote1965)


National Newspaper Week – Oct. 1-7
National Newspaper Week feature celebrating newspapers; includes timeline. (npweek)


Walter Cronkite’s 100th Birthday Celebration in St. Joseph – Nov. 4-5
Famous Missouri Journalist series feature on Cronkite (mojournalists)

Geography Awareness Week – Nov. 12-18
Ocean Challenge Live (Nov. 4-Feb. 10) – NEW! 15-week series connects students with the world through geography, science, math, history and current events. Follow skipper Rich Wilson on his solo journey aboard the Great American IV. Quarter-page features and companion teacher guide.

Veteran’s Day – Nov. 11
Veteran’s Day feature (veterans)
Flag Etiquette feature (usflag)


Bill of Rights Day – Dec. 15.
Bill of Rights – two features, quarter-page and half-page, available. (rights)


Reading Across Missouri 2017 Project – NEW! 8-chapter story provided at no cost to newspapers that publish during six-month project Jan-June. (readmo17)


Thank a Farmer Week — Feb. 5-11
FFA Week — Feb. 18-25
Agriculture is Everywhere 8-part series highlighting Missouri agriculture. (moag16)

Black History Month
“I Have a Dream” 2-part series on MLK (mlkdream)
Emancipation Proclamation (ep150)
Civil Rights Act of 1965 3-part (civilrights64)
Civil Rights Amendments 4-part (cwamend)


World War I Feature (tentative) — four-part series

Women’s History Month
First Ladies of America – NEW! Series highlighting 43 presidential wives. (ladies)
Read Across America Day – March 2
Newspaper activities with Seuss books half-page feature (read1)

National Newspaper In Education Week – March 5-11

Sunshine Week – March 12-18 Educate readers on the National Freedom of Information Act and the Sunshine Law. (sunshine)


Earth Day – April 22
The Big Muddy – Teaches about the Missouri river and its value. (bigmuddy)

Easter Sunday – April 26 *SPRING BREAK TIME
Outdoors in Missouri & Vacationing in Missouri (quiz) two-part series. (travelmo)


Law Day – May 1
Law Day feature on why the U.S. celebrates Law Day (lawday1)
Judges: Umpires of the Law – three-part series on MO judicial, incl. promo ad. (judge3)
Missouri Non Partisan Court Plan feature on the Missouri model. (moplan)
Right to an Attorney/Gideon v. Wainright two-part series covers the history behind this
important legal right. (right2)

Memorial Day – May 29
Memorial Day feature on history of the commemoration. (decoration)
Missouri Road Trip series of 11 features highlighting heroes and hometowns (moroadtrip)


Flag Day – June 14
Flag Etiquette – Teaches history, proper care and display of the U.S. flag. (usflag)

Magna Carta 802nd Anniversary – June 15
Magna Carta feature on the history behind the first document outlining representative
government. (magna)


Independence Day – July 4
Declaration of Independence – History of one of America’s founding documents. (declaration)


Great American Eclipse – Aug. 21
Great American Eclipse — NEW! First time since 1918 that the moon’s shadow will speep across the nation from one coast to another in a 167-mile coverage. (eclipse17) *seeking funding

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