NIE Resources to Build a Program

The Missouri Press Association joins with the American Press Institute each year to encourage the use of local newspapers daily in school. Newspapers In Education Week is celebrated each year during the first full week of March.

Newspapers In Education Week is an opportunity to begin introducing teachers, students and parents to the value their local newspaper in teaching. In some communities, newspapers donate classroom newspapers, in others, the schools buy their copies. Another common practice is for newspapers to seek community sponsors to share in the cost of providing classroom newspapers and then recognize the sponsors with thank you ads or sponsorship tag lines on youth features, photos with classrooms, certificates, etc.

Teachers should be encouraged to send the newspapers home at the end of the week so that the learning may continue. Sharing the newspaper with family will spark discussions on what was learned with the newspaper at school and offering the opportunity for parents and children to read the newspaper together.

The Missouri Press Foundation is committed to Newspapers in Education and is here to support you.  The resources below will help your newspaper build a successful NIE program.

If you need more information or have a NIE question, please send an email to Helen Headrick, NIE Coordinator,

2023 Newspapers In Education Reasons and Goals

2023 Newspapers In Education Week Letter to Teachers, Principals and Superintendents

2023 NIE Letter to Local Businesses

NIE Week 2024 Ad

Resources are available for download at the NIE FTP site, with the code niefornewspapers.

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