Flash News!

Flash News! Press Release Service

The Missouri Press Service’s Flash News! Press Release Service is the perfect way to send your news instantly to virtually ALL newspapers, radio and television stations in Missouri. Businesses, individuals and organizations of all kinds use Flash News! to promote their events and developments.

Fast and affordable, our statewide press release service represents a fantastic value for clients wanting to get their message in front of media professionals of every type, including every newspaper, television and radio station in the state.

We also work with our clients who need to reach specific media types or regions of the state – whoever you’re wanting to reach, MPS can help!

We can include photos and logos in your press release, as well as links, to further expand the impact of your message. Our process is refined to ensure that your message makes it in front of the media professionals you’re trying to reach. You will receive a proof from us and we require approval from you before we distribute your press release.

To find out how Flash News! can help you get your message out, contact Matthew Barba at mbarba@mopress.com with your news release – as text or as an attachment. Be sure your news release has the name and phone number of a person who can be contacted by the media outlets for more information or to verify the source. Also, include your name and phone number and a billing address.

Flash News! items are distributed by Missouri Press Service. MPS is not the source of the news. If you received a Flash News! press release and need further information or verification, contact the person listed in the news release.


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