NIE Calendar

NIE Calendar

2023-2024 Calendar

Year Long Features

Book Buddy – Meet Clover, the Book Buddy. Each month, Clover suggests three books for children – a youngest, middle and oldest read – in her Book Buddy column. The Book Buddy column is released at the beginning of each month. The columns follow a theme and include art files for each suggested book. Publish these free columns at once, spread them out over the month, or just target an age group. Please include credit lines with all publications, in print or online. Book Buddy is produced by the Community Literacy Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Washington, Mo, and committed to promoting reading, especially among children.
(Download code changes monthly: buddyaug23, buddysep23, etc)

 Read All About It – This calendar style set of features, two per month, covers the entire school yearThe major disciplines are covered, Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and a General category, with ideas on how to use the newspaper every day in your classroom.
(Download code: readallaboutit)

 Serial Stories – We offer one free chapter story each year, while older serial stories are available for purchase. Go to to read descriptions, complete the order form and payment, then we will send you the download codes.


Tips for Parents – These six features will help your readers prepare their students to have a great school year.

Easing the Back to School Jitters

After School Learning

Over the Homework Hurdle

Helping Them Improve

Helping the Child Together

Family Involvement
(all use the same download code: tipsforparents)

STEM Guides – We have many STEM features, all of which use the same download code..

STEM Geologist, STEM Eyes, STEM Roller Coaster Physics, STEM Electricity, STEM Biology, STEM Topography, STEM Programing, STEM Physics and STEM Inventor. (Download code: stem13)


 International Literacy Day, Sept. 8 – Support literacy in Missouri and across the world. Join MPA in celebrating literacy with suggestions on how to connect with people across the world and in the Show Me State. (download code: literacyday23)

 Constitution Day, Sept. 17 – Choose one or all of these features:

The Magna Carta – This feature explains why the Magna Carta, signed in 1215 by King John of England, is so important to Americans and our Constitution. (Download code: magna)

Separation of Powers – This two-part feature includes The Wisdom of the Framers and The Framers Never Wanted a King. Insights into why the Framers felt that separation of powers was important enough to be embedded in our Constitution. (Download code: separationofpowers)

The Fair Housing Act Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 – Students will be able to explain the provisions of the Fair Housing Act, the need for the Act and identify specific sections of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Civil Rights laws or other laws that apply to the Act. (Download code: fairhousing)

Constitution IQ Quiz and Answer Key, quarter-page, half-page

The U.S. Constitution, full, half or quarter-page

Commemorating Missouri’s Constitution, half-page

We the People, 2 full pages, use one or both
(all use the same download code: constitution)


 National Newspaper Week, Oct. 1 – 8 – National Newspaper Week celebrates newspapers, use the following features to honor journalists in Missouri.

 Famous Missouri Journalist – This series highlights 10 Missouri journalists and the Missouri Press Association. Use a few or all: Lucile Bluford, Joseph Charles, Mark Twain, Mary Paxton Keeley, Joseph Pulitzer, Walter Williams, Walter Cronkite, William Switzler, Eugene Fields, Missouri Press Association. (Download code: mojournalists)

Missouri History through the Art in Our Capitol – This 7-part series highlights the rich treasures inside our State Capitol, including: introduction to the art. (Download code: moart12)


Geography Awareness Week, Nov. 13 – 18 – Promote geo-literacy and encourage understanding about people, places and environments.

Historic Cultures Series – This three-part series of newspaper features, “The People of Our Place,” focuses on historical cultures; the Missouri French, Scots-Irish and German. These Newspaper in Education features include information and activities. (Download code: people)

Geography Habitats Series

Two quarter-page features, “Home Sweet Home” highlight Missouri’s prairie and river habitats. Classroom activities are included. ((Download code: habitats)

Celebrate Veterans Day, Nov. 11, with these features.

Stars and Stripes Military Newspaper 2019 – Learn about the enduring military newspaper that got its start right here in Missouri. (Download code: starsandstripes)

Military Decorations 2018 – Learn about decorations awarded to our country’s service members. (Download code: decorations2018)

Honoring Our Veterans – (Download code: veterans)

Honoring Our Flag – (Download code: usflag)


Bill of Rights Day, Dec. 15 – We have three features available for Bill of Rights Day, quarter-page and half-pages.

Celebrating the Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights A Reason to Celebrate

Our Voices Need to Be Heard

(all use the same download code: rights)


 The 2024 Solar Eclipse – These eight chapters will remind you of the 2017 lessons and excitement and add more of each for the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse!  (Download code: eclipse 2024) This will be available in mid to late December.


 Black History Month

 I Have A Dream (Download code: mlkdream)

 The Emancipation Proclamation (Download code: ep150)

 Voting Rights Act of 1965 (Download code: vote1965)


Women’s History Month

Learn a little about these First Ladies. (Download code: ladies)

Amazing Soil – Just in time for Spring, a 7-part series about Gardening. (Download code: garden)


 Missouri Bird Series – Learn about Missouri’s native bird species in this 13-part series. (Download code: birdteach)


 Travel Missouri – Get ready for a road trip with this 2-part series about Missouri. (Download code: travelmo)


 The summer months are a great time to run a serial story. Doing so will help keep reading skills up during the summer break!

MPF offers over 40 serialized stories for a minimal charge, based on circulation. For more information on our serial stories, visit NIE Serial Stories

Missouri Press has thousands of downloadable files archived for newspapers to use. All are available at no charge. For descriptions of the features, visit NIE CLassroom Features.

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