Celebrating a Free Press’ birthday, Dec. 15

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From The Free Speech Center:

We deeply appreciate the support of the Missouri’s Press Association’s member newspapers in our efforts to build understanding of the importance of the free press in our democracy. To that end, we’ve developed ads that celebrate the 229th birthday of Freedom of the Press and the Bill of Rights on Dec. 15. Above is an example.

These ads are available in multiple sizes and digital formats. Some of the ads focus on the month of December, while others are designed to be published specifically on Dec. 15, one month from today. Please consider publishing one or more of these if space permits. You’ll find these and the rest of our ads here. The others ads are designed to run year-round and we would welcome your ongoing support.

Ken Paulson, our Director, also written the attached op-ed on the significance of this holiday (yes, it’s a largely forgotten national holiday) and the importance of the First Amendment. If this kind of content has value to you, please drop him a note at ken.paulson@mtsu.edu and he will send you other columns over the course of the year, sometimes tailored to your market

Finally, there are two more services our Free Speech Center offers free of charge to journalists.

Our news media hotline at 615-898-2195 offers a quick turnaround to reporters or editorial writers working on First Amendment-related stories. Our team typically responds within 20 minutes of your call.

We also publish a bi-weekly summary of First Amendment and journalism news written by Charlie Myerson, the editor of City Public Square.

It’s the most readable and engaging newsletter on these topics you’ll find. You can subscribe here.

Finally, a tip of the hat to Missouri’s newspapers for the good and noble work you do keeping your readers informed and the powerful in check.


Emily Flood
Free Speech Center
Middle Tennessee State University

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