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Missouri Press, on behalf of the Springfield News-Leader, is making available a weekly column focused on poetry. The columns are available for newspapers to republish online or in print at no charge.

Below is an excerpt from the News-Leader’s introduction of the column:

By David L. Harrison

As Missouri’s 7th Poet Laureate, I asked Springfield News-Leader Editor-in-Chief Amos Bridges what he thought about establishing a regular weekly column about poetry. He liked the idea, suggested the title, and here we are, launching the new column.

The purpose for this unique new adventure is to remind us all, no matter our age, work, religion, politics, interests, ethnicities, or gender, that poetry is part of our lives. We read it, hear it, sing it, paint it, dance it, act it, and write it. When Ted Kooser was United States Poet Laureate, from 2004-2006, his regular column featuring poems and commentary reached 4.3 million readers. We may not reach that number, but one of our guest columnists is Ted Kooser.

I’ll write the first column but will be followed by at least three dozen other poets across the country who have agreed to write guest columns. Coming up in the six weeks following my opening column are Charles Ghigna (aka Father Goose) with “The Eye of the Poet”; Sandy Asher with “Try a Guided Poem”; Matt Forrest Esenwine with “What If?”; Marilyn Singer with “How to Read a Poem Aloud”; as well as Jane Yolen and Karen Craigo writing on their own chosen subjects.

David L. Harrison is the Missouri Poet Laureate and Drury University Poet Laureate. He has published more than 100 books for young people and educators. You can find more on his website, davidlharrison.com, and reach him by email at davidlharrison1@att.net.

You can also find the full copy of David L. Harrison’s introduction here, to which you should feel free to add your own newspaper’s name if you use it to introduce the column to your own readers.


Find Word files of Poetry from Daily Life columns linked below. Missouri Press makes new columns available each week and also distributes them via email. If you click a link below, check your “Downloads” folder if your browser does not open the file in a new window.

Poetry from Daily Life 27 – David Harrison6

Poetry from Daily Life 26 – Wyatt Townley

Poetry from Daily Life 25 – Jo Van Arkel

Poetry from Daily Life 24 – Nile Stanley

Poetry from Daily Life 23 – Laura Purdie Salas

Poetry from Daily Life 22 – Scot Young

Poetry from Daily Life 21 – Mary Jo Fresch

Poetry from Daily Life 20 – David Harrison5

Poetry from Daily Life 19 – Nancy Bo Flood

Poetry from Daily Life 18 – Marcus Cafagno

Poetry from Daily Life 17 – Irene Latham

Poetry from Daily Life 16 – Laura Robb

Poetry from Daily Life 15 – David Harrison4

Poetry from Daily Life 14 – Eric Ode

Poetry from Daily Life 13 – Joseph Bruchac

Poetry from Daily Life 12 – Eileen Spinelli

Poetry from Daily Life 11 – Bob Stephens

Poetry from Daily Life 10 – Jane Yolen

Poetry from Daily Life 9 – David Harrison3

Poetry from Daily Life 8 – Sandy Asher

Poetry from Daily Life 7 – Matt Forrest Esenwine

Poetry from Daily Life 6 – David Harrison2

Poetry from Daily Life 5 – Charles Ghigna

Poetry from Daily Life 4 – Marilyn Singer

Poetry from Daily Life 3 – Maryfrances Wagner

Poetry from Daily Life: Ted Kooser digs into that feeling of a ‘First Snow’

Poetry from Daily Life: Not sure where to start? Join the ‘Word of the Month’ challenge


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