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2023 MPS Agreements for Newspapers Available

A fillable copy of the 2023 advertising agreement between Missouri Press Service and newspapers is available here. You can also

The time for more diverse leaders in newsrooms is now

By Charles M. Sennott The GroundTruth Project They say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But for the constellation of GroundTruth

How to ensure diverse viewpoints in abortion coverage

Covering a complex topic that spans laws, beliefs and lived experience requires nuance and context By: Doris Truong Poynter Journalism Institute  With the

Free tuition for Missouri Photo Workshop available to MPA members

Contact: Brian Kratzer, Associate Professor, Missouri School of Journalism Email: Phone: 573-356-2347 Date: June 3, 2022 Free tuition for Missouri Photo Workshop available to MPA

The Missouri News Network is going to break ground

Missouri News Network Contact: Scott Swafford Email: AND Contact: Mark Horvit Email: The Missouri News Network is going to break ground Share your story ideas for

Ad Series Promotes Importance of Public Notices in Newspapers

Missouri newspapers continue their efforts to ensure public notices remain in printed publications, as well as online at

How to build a better J-school

By Barbara Allen Poynter Journalism Institute What would you do if you were in charge of a new journalism school? Emphasize diversity,

Learn about job candidates’ diverse experiences and views

By Joy Mayer Trusting News Who we are as humans influences how we go about our work as journalists — what

Sincerely, Leaders of Color: There is no pipeline problem

Instead, a problem exists in how the industry treats historically marginalized journalists in the hiring process. Commitments, Not Predictions: As we start

Special editorial cartoon available for Sunshine Week, through March 19

(Click the image above to access the full-size cartoon.) A special editorial cartoon that has been made available to Missouri

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