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Missouri Press members have available a new weekly spiritual column to use from a fellow Missouri newspaper operator.

The 52-part column, “A journey through My Utmost for His Highest,” is written by Rhonda Sexton, who along with her husband, Jimmy, operates Sexton Media Group, which owns the Neosho Daily News and Aurora Advertiser in southwest Missouri.

Learn more about Rhonda’s column and the inspiration behind it below. A headshot of Rhonda is here and a graphic for the column is here.

You can find the first three columns in the series linked here:

RhondaS (Chambers 1)

RhondaS (Chambers 2)

RhondaS (Chambers 3)

The column is free for all newspapers and new installments are published every Tuesday. If you are interested in using the column, please reach out directly to Rhonda Sexton at (417) 451-1520, or by email at

About the column

“My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers has been a favorite daily devotional for over 100 years. As a student of scripture and denominational philosophies, it has been a constant in my life for many years.

I have developed this 52-week commentary featuring Chambers’ devotional in hopes that everyday folks might have access to the deep insights to gaining peace and joy in a world filled with fear and turmoil.

Chambers’ messages are often full of warnings and pitfalls to watch for and sometimes topics that can make some of the most devoted believers think about their behavior.

As a seminary professor, Oswald Chambers was charged to educate pastors and missionaries before they headed into the unknown to begin their ministries. He holds no punches when hitting on the truth of scripture.

As a newspaper woman in Southwest Missouri for more than 25 years, I have witnessed society change drastically. People are seeking simple, real solutions and I truly believe that the God of the Universe provides us with the desire and the resources to create a blessed life.

Through the insight of Oswald Chambers your readers can learn the skills that will guide and unite us to a future consisting of unshakable integrity and an unwavering confidence in the promises of God.

I hope you will see the benefit of this resource to bless your readers with inspiration and good solid advice for living.

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