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The next speaker we introduce is Sammy Papert, A Texas native. Papert is a graduate of St. Mark’s School of Texas and Stanford University. He has a background in retail as an owner and manager of the Executive Toy Store.  

In media, Papert spent 15 years at the Papert Companies, a national advertising sales organization that grew to represent 500 daily newspapers during his tenure. It was this experience that provided key research insights, to both the newspaper and research industries.

In July 1999, Papert became Chairman and CEO of Belden Associates, a newspaper research and consultancy firm in North America.

Papert founded Wormhole, LLC in February of 2009 to connect organizations to their business and consuming audiences in unique and fast ways by leveraging technology and the web.

His presentation at the Convention in September will be "The Things I Believe About Newspapers." That will be at 12:30 Friday. He also will lead the discussion Saturday at the Associated Dailies Breakfast.

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