In Wake of Earthquake: Here are Reminders

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Missouri Earthquake Response and Safety Information
            Jefferson City-On Friday April 18, many areas of Missouri experienced the aftershocks of a 5.2, and a 4.5 earthquake in Mount Carmel, Illinois along the Wabash Seismic Zone. Mount Carmel is approximately 130 miles east of St. Louis.  Early this morning, Gov. Matt Blunt activated state agencies to respond to local requests for assistance. The State Emergency Management Agency has activated portions of the Earthquake Annex and is contacting local jurisdictions for damage information.
            Gov. Matt Blunt and the Department of Public Safety offer the following safety information to Missourians:
*Be prepared to put YOUR family plan into action and gather items for your family’s safety kit. Your family disaster plan covers what to do, where to meet, and how to contact family members in the event of an emergency. Your emergency supply kit should have bottled water, a radio with extra batteries, a flashlight, prescription medicine and first aid supplies. More information is available at the State of Missouri’s Ready in 3 Program:
*Tune to your radio station or television station for the most current emergency information from your local and state officials.
*Be prepared for more shaking. If you are indoors when the shaking starts, stay indoors, away from windows and other hazards.  If you are outdoors, stay in the open.  As you enter or leave a building, look up because there may be falling objects, glass and debris.
*Put on sturdy shoes to protect your feet and avoid broken glass cutting your feet as you exit a room, your home, or your office.
*Water – gather your stored drinking water into one location in your home.  Make sure your water heater is strapped to the wall; you will still have 20-40 gallons of drinking water depending on the size of your water heater tank.
*Water line ruptures. Know how to turn off your water at the incoming valve if the water lines are ruptured to keep water damage to your home to a minimum.
*Turn off utilities ONLY if you smell smoke or gas.  If you smell gas or smoke, get everyone out of the house then turn off your gas and electricity at the main meters. If your utilities have not been damaged, leave them alone.  Gas utilities can only be relit by certified utility repair people.
*If you smell gas, use flashlights as your light source since turning on light switches might ignite leaking gas. Do not use matches, lighters or candles
*Check the outside of your home for cracks in the brick veneer. If you have a chimney do a visual check to make sure chimney will not damage your roof.
*If you are outdoors during an aftershock move away from buildings, streetlights and utility wires.
*If you are driving during an aftershock stop as quickly as safety permits, and stay in the vehicle. Avoid stopping near or under buildings, trees, overpasses or utility wires.
*Consider purchasing an earthquake policy to supplement your homeowners insurance.
*Here is the link to the Missouri Mercalli Map:
* Here is the link to the United States Geological Survey’s “Did You Feel It?” earthquake page for citizens to report earthquake aftershocks:

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