The 2023 Serial Story Is Here!

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The Missouri Press Foundation and National Newspaper Association Foundation are offering a new original free series to newspapers across the country for publication. This year, readers will enjoy a short story in each chapter about an American scientist or inventor that changed the world. Some of them made small changes – furniture that serves more than one function. Some of them made big changes – improving the way we grow the food we eat. Some of them are famous – the Wright Brothers and John Deere. Some of them will probably be new names – Lyda D. Newman and George Alcorn, Jr. The chapter exercises will encourage students to find inspiration for their own discoveries in their local newspaper. The scientists and inventors are from all over the country so the chapters will resonate with newspapers and classrooms nationwide. This series will be offered free of charge to newspapers for publication on January 1, 2023, and ending on June 30, 2023. Visit and use the code: inventors to download the entire series.

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