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Have you ever wondered why your newspaper was overlooked in a large advertising buy?  Key firms and individuals throughout the state and nation rely on the Missouri Newspaper Directory for pertinent information about Missouri newspapers.

    In 2012, political campaigns, candidates and issue advocates will rely on the Missouri Newspaper Directory to plan winning election strategies.

  By advertising in the directory you can provide important information about your newspaper that is not included in your listing. By advertising the unique qualities of your newspaper you will be included in more advertising buys.  With one of the most talked about elections coming, the 2012 issue of the Missouri Newspaper Directory is a very important issue for the bottom line at your newspaper.

    As a member, you will receive 20% off the rate card price.  There is no need to send in your payment now, but you can if you want.  I do ask that you mark the size ad you wish to reserve, sign and write in your newspaper name and city on the enclosed form.   Then fax that to my attention at 573-874-5894.  Or send me an email reserving your space at mopressads@socket.net, please include your contact information in the email!

Deadline is October 14. Click here for the 2012 Directory Ad Form for members.

            With your help the directory will once again be timely, beneficial and distributed widely.  Without your ad, you will not realize the many benefits the directory provides to newspapers just like yours.  As always we appreciate your support.

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