2020 Better Newspaper Contest entry fees reduced, deadline extended

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Entry fees for Missouri Better Newspaper Contest reduced!

Deadline Extended to April 17

With everything going on, Missouri Press knows you have A LOT on your plate while you juggle covering your community, keeping your employees safe and looking for new revenue opportunities.

The 2020 Missouri Press Foundation Better Newspaper Contest deadline was previously extended to May 3, in order to give members entering the contest more time to adjust to different work schedules, employees telecommuting and the general disruption that has resulted from the coronavirus pandemic.

Today, we are offering some great news regarding the 2020 Better Newspaper Contest. To start, the first two entries each publication submits for contest judging will be free. This is offered at no cost to you and if you only want to enter two entries per publication in the 2020 Contest, you are welcome to do that.

We hope this will encourage publications that have never participated in the contest to do so, while giving a discount to those that submit more entries than just the two.

We are also offering a discounted fee of $5.50 per entry for publications that submit 11 or more entries to the contest, with a further reduced price of $5 per entry after 50 entries per publication.

For example, if your publication submits a total of 10 entries, the total entry fee cost will be $56, broken down as two free entries and eight entries at $7 each.

However, if your publication submits 11 entries, the total cost will be $47.25, broken down as two free entries and nine entries at $5.25 each.

Should your publication submit 51 entries, your total cost will be $245, broken down as two free entries and 49 entries at $5 each.

Anyone who has already submitted and paid for their contest entries has the option of either being refunded the difference in what they have already paid versus what their cost would be under this new fee structure, or they can submit more entries and have the difference in the entry fee cover the costs of these additional entries.

You can find links to the 2020 BNC rules, entry uploading instructions and the contest website at https://mopress.com/better-newspaper/. You can also find a link to the payment form for after you’ve submitted your entries.

If you have any questions about the new fee structure for the 2020 Missouri Press Foundation Better Newspaper Contest, please do not hesitate to reach out to Matthew Barba at mbarba@mopress.com or Kristie Fortier at kfortier@mopress.com

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