County financial statements must run in full following 2023 court decision

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Following a December 2023 decision by the Missouri Supreme Court, House Bill 1606, which went into effect August 2022, was overturned and the “long form” county financial statement is once again required for Class II, III and IV counties, including balances for county funds, a ledger of expenses paid and employee salaries.

Under the old statute that has gone back into effect, Class II, III, and IV counties now have to go back to publishing the expanded version on their financial statements. And they have to be published by the FIRST MONDAY in March, (not by June 30, as outlined in the new legislation.)

Eric Fey, president of Missouri Association of County Clerks and Election Authorities, provided the following statement:

“The Missouri Association of County Clerks and Election Authorities notified its membership on December 21, 2023, of the Missouri Supreme Court Decision that struck down House Bill 1606, impacting the statutory requirements for publication of the Annual Financial Statements of the County. We have continued to support our member’s needs as they revert to the ‘long form’ version for publication by the first Monday in March in 2024, while we continue to work with the legislature to reinstate the ‘short form’ in future years.”

If you have questions or concerns about communicating with your local county officials about this change, please reach out to Missouri Press Association Executive Director Mark Maassen at (573) 449-4167, ext. 308, or by email at

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