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Missouri newspapers continue their efforts to ensure public notices remain in printed publications, as well as online at for all citizens to easily access.

Missouri Press Association has partnered with the Public Notice Resource Center to create a set of ads you can use in print and online to inform readers about the importance of keeping public notices in a forum that provides third-party accountability.

The message of the ads is intended to convey incredulity about items and records those in power would often rather see go unnoticed by the public and unreported by the press. They can be downloaded here.

Check out the ads for yourself and make plans to put them in regular rotation to help readers understand why it is critical public notices not be relegated to a government-run website with no obligation to keep citizens informed about decisions that directly impact them.

Through the link, you will also find folders with the InDesign files so you can make further changes to the ads and adapt them for your publication and website.

Also, be sure to check out this short video for a comprehensive breakdown of why public notices are important to keeping everyone informed.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact MPA Executive Director Mark Maassen at (573) 449-4167, ext. 308, or at

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Link to ads:

Link to video:

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