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Virtually every message newspaper readers receive these days says they are silly to read a newspaper, because newspapers are dying and they’re full of old, slanted news.

Check out the new series of newspaper promotion ads that Missouri Press has prepared OR Ads released by the Newspaper Project.

These ads send the opposite message, giving readers good reasons to read their local newspaper. They’ll make your readers proud to be readers.

The ad series conveys the message that newspapers record the history of their communities ‹ the good news as well as the bad ‹ from the births of its residents, through their education and careers and into old age. Radio, TV and certainly bloggers do not do that. Only newspapers do that. Without a newspaper, a community will have no recorded history.

You don’t have room for house ads?

Well, consider this. You tell the businesses in your community that they must continue to advertise, even in bad times, to keep their names in front of the public and to remain top-of-mind. You encourage them to spend money with you every week. You do this because you believe in newspaper advertising.

So, if you believe in newspaper advertising, and you want other businesses to advertise in your newspaper every day or every week, why don’t you advertise in your paper every day or every week? If I were a businessperson in your community, and I never saw you promoting your newspaper in your newspaper, I might think you don’t put much value in newspaper advertising. That’s a terrible message for a newspaper to be sending.

If you don’t value newspaper advertising, why should your local business people value it?

PDFs of these ads are available to you at no cost. They are listed as "Riley ads" (1-7) on the MPA Toolbox web page at If you would like us to email them to you, let us know.

When you use the ads, put your newspaper’s flag in the space provided.


           New York, March 3 – The Newspaper Project, the new grassroots organization launched last month to support a constructive exchange of information and ideas about the future of newspapers, will release its second round of advertisements today.  The two ads, scheduled to run in newspapers nationwide, feature the taglines “Defending Freedom Daily Since 1776,” promoting the role of newspapers in our democracy as the eyes and ears of the American people and “America’s First Portable Information Device,” stressing the high quality journalism that newspapers provide.

Both ads will be available at and on the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association web site at
The Newspaper Project also announces that the Pulitzer Prize-winning, nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mike Luckovich, has contributed two original cartoons about the importance of newspapers, which are available for downloading today.

The Newspaper Project’s website attracted more than 40,000 unique visitors in its first three weeks.
To learn more and download the latest advertisements and two original cartoons, visit  

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